Workplace Yoga


Yoga in the workplace is a great way for employees to connect with each other, unwind, de-stress and take a breather from a busy work day.  Yoga is renowned for promoting a happier, healthier and more balanced life. It also helps people improve relationships and make better decisions - all important things for a harmonious and well-functioning workplace.

Emily comes from a background of over ten years as a corporate lawyer at some of the world’s busiest and biggest law firms. During these busy times, yoga and meditation became her go to for de-stressing, rebalancing and connecting back in with herself.

Emily’s workplace yoga classes bring together her experiences as a lawyer with her depth of understanding and practice in yoga and meditation. Her workplace classes both challenge and relax her students giving them reason to smile for the rest of the day.

Workplace sessions are tailored to your requests and draw influence from the following styles:

  • Hatha flow (active, warming, sweaty - works on strength and flexibility)

  • Yin (slow, meditative, deep stretch - no sweating)

  • Restorative (resting with the support of props; calming the nervous system)

  • Yoga nidra (guided lying meditation; deeply de-stressing)

  • Breathing exercises (varied breath work; balances the nervous system)

  • Meditation (seated; calming, aids clarity and reduces stress levels)



Call Emily or schedule a time for her to call you. We'll consult on the phone to determine what will work best in your workplace.

Next, Emily will come to your workplace for an introductory session (at 50% off) to assess your employees’ needs and explore what yoga or meditation will be best in your workplace.

From there we create a program to work together once, twice or three times per week with yoga and meditation sessions that are perfectly tailored for your workplace.

Emily asks for a commitment of at least 8 weeks to start.

Typically corporate classes run on an 8 - 10 week / school term cycle.