I never realised how much there was to learn and connect with about the body. Emily is an exceptional teacher with clear instructions and hands on adjustments. I feel totally at ease in her hands.” ~ Daniela, Private Yoga Client

I’ve never felt comfortable going to classes in big studios. I just love the convenience and comfort of yoga in my own home. I always feel confident with my yoga working with Emily and I feel so great after every class! I look forward to every session.” ~ Zoe, Private Yoga Client

"As a result of the 100 hour course I am definitely stronger and I feel much more centred. Emily’s tuition has been superb and I feel as though I am learning in a wonderfully supportive community. Breaking down each posture to learn how to do it in a way that will challenge my body as well as protect it has hugely increased my confidence and I now really look forward to my self practice. Each practice also has a meditative quality which has allowed me to find more space in my life. I would highly recommend it." ~ Claire, Student, Spring 2018, Yoga Foundation Course

"The course destroyed all my preconceived notions of yoga! It has been exactly what I was looking for - I am not ready to be a yoga teacher but wanted to learn the proper alignment for yoga poses to avoid injury and also develop my own self-practice. I've been on a real journey of self-discovery since starting the course and would highly recommend it to anyone who would love to find out more about yoga!" ~ Jia Yi, Spring 2018, Yoga Foundation Course

"Yoga - just fantastic - a bit challenging in some parts but I was super impressed with Emily's calm teaching method with a good amount of instruction and also alternative postures offered for different levels. Meditation - I hadn't done much meditation before, so it was a bit new and scary for me - but I found it very useful to try and concentrate only on the present and what was being said. Very relaxing and calming." ~ Libby, July 2016 Retreat, Kangaroo Valley, NSW

Rural Yoga Retreat, May 2017

Rural Yoga Retreat, May 2017


I was surprised at how much calmer I became after just a short lunchtime session. I felt totally relaxed and my workload for the afternoon seemed manageable again. Not only did the session help me on that day, but I also often find myself using some of the very handy breathing and visualisation exercises that Emily shared during session. It works every time! Needless to say, I would highly recommend Emily’s lunchtime mindfulness sessions to any business.” ~ Mikael, Coty, Sydney Australia

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Be Brave enough to take some down time and enjoy a mindfulness session with Emily. My team and I did and we enjoyed a relaxing and balancing session.” Debrah Dhugga, Managing Director, Dukes Hotel, London

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