Private yoga & meditation

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Self care

You deserve to spend meaningful time with yourself each week. My sessions are more than just a work out or a stretch. Yoga is for your mind and heart as much as it is for your physical body.

Our work together provides the space for you to have a deeper, more connected experience with yourself in your own home.


My sessions are tailored to your requests and draw influence from the following styles:

  • Hatha flow (active, warming, sweaty - works on strength and flexibility)

  • Yin (slow, meditative, deep stretch - you won't break a sweat)

  • Restorative (resting with the support of props; calming the nervous system)

  • Yoga nidra (guided lying meditation; deeply calming)

  • Kriyas (combination of body movement, breath work and sound; works directly with the body’s energies)

  • Pranayama (breath work; affects the nervous system)

  • Meditation (seated; exploring deeper aspects of yourself)


Contact me today to arrange your introductory sessions

How does it work?

First, give me a call or schedule a time for me to call you. We'll consult on the phone to make sure we're the right fit.
Next, we’ll start with three introductory sessions. Here, I'll assess your needs and explore what you're looking for in a yoga or meditation practice.
From there, we create a plan to work together once, twice, or three times per week, with yoga or meditation sessions that are perfectly tailored to your body and your life.

Sessions can be done in your home and via Skype - you decide what suits your schedule best.

I ask for a commitment of at least two months to start.

Read my FAQ for more information.